Crazy A** Path

A friend recently posted this: “I’ll likely figure out just what I am going to do with my life when I am dead, or too old for it to make any difference. For now I will just follow this meandering crazy ass path and try not to biff it too often.”

Sounds familiar? If it [...]

Living Mindfully

What you touch, touches you. What you focus on, you tend to become.

We touch life is many ways; intellectually, emotionally, occultly, physically, and socially.

How much anger are you touching?

How much self-righteousness do you indulge in?

Can you even imagine a world of peace and prosperity?

Do you view humans by focusing mostly [...]

Redirecting our focus

Dear Friends of the Dharma,

It was a little over a year ago that Rama, my teacher, came to me in a powerful dream. In this dream, he did not speak, but there were “chunks” of awareness that flew from his being into me. After the dream several ideas and a new direction to take [...]

So This Is Who You Are!

From A Collection of Flowers by Shiva

I once had a dream that I was walking around with my chest open exposing thousands of wires, like a huge undersea telephone cable.

I watched as one of my friends came up and she picked out a gold wire, a purple with gold stripe, silver, silver [...]

The River Dreams

From A Collection of Flowers by Shiva

First Night

One night I dreamt I was a native paddling down the Amazon River in a long dugout canoe. I was seated at the front and a member of my tribe was paddling in the rear.

As we paddled down the river, I saw [...]

The Guru Visits the City

From A Collection of Flowers by Shiva

There once was this Guru that meditated high upon a mountain. He lived in a cave and, after many years, his spiritual advancement was such that word spread and he had a steady stream of spiritual pilgrims journey to his cave. His insights and recommendations were always so [...]

The Teakwood Box

From A Collection of Flowers by Shiva His heart was no longer in the study… having devoted the past few years living in a spiritual community. He had studied long and hard and now he felt he was in a rut. He wanted to remove himself from the intensity of being a student. It was [...]

Easter/Passover 1998

In April of 1998, I was living in a nice apartment near the college in San Bernardino, CA.  It was one of the few nice areas in the City, and I loved my little apartment.  It was on the top floor at the end and had a view of the mountains.  I was teaching at [...]

Shiva’s Dance

Standing alone, just as the dawn is breaking, in a beautiful field carpeted with colorful flowers and soft lush grass, Shiva slowly looks around in breathless wonder.  The heavens stretch above him in a changing canopy of fading stars in the twilight sky.  The darkness and fearful cloak of night is steadily fading into to [...]