Living Mindfully

What you touch, touches you. What you focus on, you tend to become.

We touch life is many ways; intellectually, emotionally, occultly, physically, and socially.

How much anger are you touching?

How much self-righteousness do you indulge in?

Can you even imagine a world of peace and prosperity?

Do you view humans by focusing mostly [...]


From A Collection of Flowers by Shiva

The other day, I decided to go visit God. I had been having a bad day. I owed some money and a commission check hadn’t arrived yet. I also had this occasional headache and I figured that He could help me out.

I knew where God lived. [...]

Nothing ’til You Name It!

It was one of the worst times in my life. My marriage of thirteen years was in the process of divorce. My whole world had just fallen apart. My two boys were both under ten years of age. I was deeply concerned as to how all this would affect them. To say that I was [...]

A Time of Transition

The World is in a time of dramatic transition.  It is obvious to many of us that we are experiencing the ending of one Age and the beginning of a New Age.

There are several wonderful Teachers and Leaders that are aware that this is happening and are already starting to teach and demonstrate peace, [...]