Shiva’s Dance

Standing alone, just as the dawn is breaking, in a beautiful field carpeted with colorful flowers and soft lush grass, Shiva slowly looks around in breathless wonder.  The heavens stretch above him in a changing canopy of fading stars in the twilight sky.  The darkness and fearful cloak of night is steadily fading into to the morning light.  His eyes gaze upon the dark mountains in the distance that lay just beyond the lush green rolling hills and the lazy winding river that cuts through them.  The mountains, like everything in the twilight, are slowly regaining their coat of color and definition.  The Sun is just now starting to peak through the mountain peaks and it is already lighting up a few fluffy clouds with a warm red, yellow and orange glow.

The warm spring breeze gently touches his face and there is a stirring within his heart.  As he begins to hear the music of the cosmos his spirit rises. The music fills his being and soon he finds himself beginning to sway to its exquisite melody.  The sway slowly turns into a few tentative dance movements, which grow in their definition and strength with every beat of his heart.  Soon he is reaching to the heavens and then bowing to the earth as part of his dance.  It is a new day!  It does not matter if anyone sees or notices his dance.  His dance is only meant for his greatest love, the Divine Creator that manifests all the worlds from the Light of Its being.  The steps and rhythm are orchestrated and choreographed by his very soul.

As he dances and listens to the music, his soul starts to sing and the rest of him whistles along with Infinity’s Symphony.  His whistle turns into a happy humming and then he bursts out in a joyous song of celebration.  It is the song of creation, destruction, and rebirth. Its lyrics tell of incredible beauty, grace and wonder.  He sings of the miracle of life and the gift that change brings to table of creation.  It is the dance and song of existence.  He is free!

His dance is sometimes jerky and includes some powerful leaps and breathtaking turns.  Sometimes it slows into a love waltz.

A song springs forth from his heart of hearts.   He sings, “I am Eternal!  I am free!  The sun is rising and all of life is responding to the Light!  The dark night is finally ending and is surrendering its rule to the warmth and brightness of a new shining day.  I celebrate the destruction of the darkness by the uncompromising Light! All hail the Sun!  Sing!  Dance!  Embrace the world!  Embrace each other!  Embrace yourself!  It is all ONE!!!  Watch me dance!  Dance with me if you can hear the music.  It is glorious! It is a glorious new Day!  Dance and sing!  It is glorious!  Glorious!”

Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti Om Padme Hum Shanti Shanti



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