Spring Equinox 2011

This year’s Spring Equinox is one to remember! There is a re-balancing that is going on throughout the world that is astounding! Just look around… Social, political and environmental changes are heralding the arrival of the New Age! (Three explanation marks in a row. I haven’t done that for a long time.) There is a new paradigm that is surfacing. It is evident that the old ways are no longer working as they once did. For a guy whose spiritual name is “Shiva”, this is really cool!
Now, do not think that current events that are shaking our world are just a flash in the pan. They are not! This is real change, irrevocable change, dramatic, and transformative change. And it is just beginning!
If I were to compare this to a birthing, this would be the time when the water breaks. The real labor and struggle is about to begin, and it will be an interesting experience. But the pains of labor eventually bring about something so beautiful and precious that once it has fully entered into the world, joy and overpowering love will soon overshadow all of the trauma of birthing. We incarnated during this time to be a midwife to the birthing of the New Age. As advanced spiritual beings, it is our job to remain calm and be a presence of love and comfort as the world struggles, curses and screams. As spiritual midwives, we know the process. We are not fooled.
This is a birth. The breaking of the water and the following time of labor can be very traumatic. It is also very powerful. We have the responsibility to sooth and calm down the mother. We compassionately wipe her forehead with a cool cloth, speaking encouraging words and being the steady presence during this birthing. We are certain that, if we perform our duties impeccably, everything will turn out just fine. All of this struggle and pain will soon be all forgotten in the glory of what is about to make its entrance into our life and world.
With this in mind, it becomes clear that setting a calm and loving example for the world is imperative. This is the reason why I am starting the Clear Light Community. This community will be an island of peace, love, compassion and reason. I am not doing this because I fear the end of the Earth or to escape some imagined devastation. I am doing this because I refuse to get all caught up in the screaming, anger and the mass hysteria that the news media is selling. After all, a midwife does not join in with the screams of anguish or get on a gurney and indulge in sympathy pains.
For us occultists who are all about the Enlightenment Process, this is our time! Halleluiah! So get a grip! Refuse to indulge in the drama of fear, hate and anger. Be the Light! This is what you bribed the gatekeeper for so you could incarnate during this time. This incarnation is not a punishment. This is the highest and most amazing place and time for us to be. It is a reward!
So start practicing now. Ignore the tabloid news. Refuse to buy into the fear and drama that is going on all around you. Refuse to be a part of the problem. Instead be the solution. Meet your neighbors, help those in need, maybe buy some chickens and plant a garden….
And, stay in touch. We need to be connected during these times. As I go about finding my own little Walden Pond, some really great friends of mine are in the process of setting up an infrastructure that will allow me to sit with anyone in the world on a weekly basis. We will finally realize what my Teacher predicted, an Electronic Tribe.


“Let your life be your message.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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